3 Ways To Work With Property Buyers In Vancouver Washington

Are you thinking about selling your Vancouver Washington property?

If so, you might be surprised to learn that selling your property with a real estate agent isn’t your only option.

There are local property buyers in the Vancouver area who can help you sell your property quickly.

Here are 3 ways you can work with real estate buyers.

Tip #1 — Ask the property buyer for a quote

If you are curious about what your house is worth, you can ask a property buyer what they would pay for your house.

This will give you a baseline to go off of. If the property buyer is nice, they might even tell you how they calculated the repairs that need to be done on your home. With this information, you can contact a local real estate agent and see if they have the same opinion.

If they do, then you will have a decent idea of what your property is worth and if selling with an agent or a property buyer makes more sense.

Tip #2 – Ask the property buyer what houses in the area are going for

There is a good chance the property buyer has purchased other homes in the Vancouver Washington area and can give you a good idea of how hot the market it. You can take this information and head to Zillow or Redfin and see if other houses close to you are selling quickly or not.

Tip #3 – Ask the property buyer for a recommendation on how to sell your house

There are usually 3 ways to sell your house.

1. You can sell it quick to a property investor
2. You can sell it FSBO (For Sale By Owner), which usually means you have to fix the house yourself, keep it clean, show it, and fill out all the paperwork.
3. Sell with a real estate agent. This means you will have to pay a fee to use their services but they will help with paperwork and their knowledge.

Did You Know: When selling to a property investor, you don’t fill out as much paperwork or have to wait for months to close? We can generally close on your property in as little as a week and help you sign all the documents.

After talking with a property buyer, they can tell you which option above makes the most sense for your property.

If your house is move-in ready, then going with an agent makes a lot of sense because you will get top dollar.

But if your property or home needs a lot of work, then going to a real estate property buyer might make more sense.

It really depends.

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