Need To Sell Your House Fast?

We understand. Life happens. If you are:

  • Going through a divorce
  • At risk of your house being foreclosed
  • Need to relocate for work
  • Inherited an ugly house
  • Don’t have time for repairs and maintenance
  • Or generally just want to get rid of your house fast

We can help.

If you are saying I need to sell my house fast then chances are you don’t have 3-6 months for a real estate agent to get involved.

The obvious benefits of having an agent are not having to find a buyer, the agent filling out all the paperwork, and you will get top dollar for your house.

But if you need to sell fast and don’t mind taking a fair price for your house….

What’s a fair price you ask?

Find out what we can offer for your house. Fill out the form on this page to get a quote.

At the very least you should know what we can offer so you can decide if it’s worth waiting 90+ days to sell your house.

How are we? Why do we want to buy your house fast?

We are real estate investors looking to buy Vancouver houses for a fair price (generally below your asking price). We then get with our network of investors to sell your house fast.

This has a couple big advantages for YOU.

We handle the repairs

You don’t pay any closing costs or commissions

And most important, you can sell your house fast.

Simply fill out the form to get started today.