We Buy Houses

Selling your home can seem like a big task with a lot of complicated steps.

It can take months to sell your house.

And sometimes that is true. Especially if the home needs some work done or has some structural issues that need to be addressed.

PNWInvest is a group of local home buyers who make it easier to sell your house.

We have years of experience helping local families in Clark and Cowlitz county sell their home.

How can we help you sell your house?

We will provide you with multiple offers to find the one that fits your home selling goals. Here is an example of a situation we recently helped a family solve.

  1. The family contacted us asking if we could help them sell their house.
  2. The family owed $205k on their house.
  3. They wanted to relocate to be closer to their family in the midwest.
  4. There was a known issue with the roof and septic system
  5. They didn’t have the money to make the repairs.

The solution?

We bought their home from them (in cash). We then started asking our buyers who was interested in this property. We found a handyman who was looking for a house in this area and was willing to fix the roof and septic himeself.

We provided a win-win solution for 2 families. One was able to get the cash they needed out of their house and was able to move East.

The other was able to get a good deal on a house and move in and roll up their sleeves to make some repairs.

Let Us Help You

We are connected to many local buyers who are looking for houses to buy. Yes! We buy houses. If you are interested in selling your house, fill out the form below and get a free, no-obligation offer from us. At the very least you will know what we can offer for your house.

Let's Get Your Home SOLD!

  • We will call if we have questions about your property. We will never sell your information and we respect your privacy!
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Who can we help?

If you are looking to sell your house for any of the following reasons…we can help

  1. You are looking to relocate quickly
  2. You inherited a house you no longer want
  3. The house has a lot of garbage and trash and you can’t get it hauled away
  4. You are facing an unfortunate divorce and want to quickly sell the house and split the profits
  5. The bank is threatening to foreclose on your house
  6. Your house needs $20k+ in repairs and agents are saying it’s “not listing ready”.
  7. You can’t find a buyer for your house

We can buy your house.