Your Quote Request Has Been Received

We will get to work on analyzing your property details and starting the process on our end.

PNW Invest‘s current average turnaround time is 7 hours.

What happens now?

Now that we have a few details about your property we will crunch some numbers. We need to make sure your house meets our investing criteria. Often times we will look at houses in your neighborhood to get a feel for what is a fair price to offer you.

  1. In order to give you a cash offer, and close on your property in a matter of days, we will need to come out and look at it.
  2. It is a great time to meet with you and to make sure we all feel comfortable working together.
  3. We will check out the house, talk with you about your options, and might take a few pictures (nothing major).
  4. We then come back and prepare your cash offer, 100% no obligation, you are free to take it or leave it.

Once you accept our offer

We will prepare the necessary documents for you to sign and make sure you get your check so you can finally be rid of your property and onto bigger and better things.

While you wait

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