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Option # 1- Close Fast & Be Done

We will connect you with our local investors who are looking to buy houses fast. They normally fix these up and place tenants in them.

This option works best if…

  1. Your house needs thousands in repairs
  2. You don’t want to show your house and wait for offers to come in
  3. You inherited a house and just want it sold
  4. You have problem tenants and want to sell the house
  5. You are facing foreclosure and want to sell fast.
  6. You rather have cash in hand soon and let someone else handle selling the house.

Option #2 – Sell For A Higher Price

We will connect you with a select group of realtors who have tons of experience and will help you get the most value from your home.

This option works best if…

  1. Your house needs minimal repairs
  2. You are willing to wait 3-6 months before you sell your house
  3. You are willing to make concessions to a buyer
  4. You are willing to have open houses and show your home
  5. You are willing to work with an agent to sell your house
  6. You expect the maximum sell price for your house

“Alex is excellent to work with. He is always looking to add value and find the win-win situations, no matter what. Super responsive and someone that is always willing to help as well.

Mitch H.

You Have Options When Selling Your Home

PNWInvest is a unique home buying operation. We strive to find the best win-win situation for your situation.

If you want to sell as fast as possible then you should consider selling to an investor. Our investors have specific criteria they are looking for when buying a property. They need room in the budget to repair the property before listing it or placing tenants in it.

If you want the highest price possible, we will connect with you with our local realtors.

You can compare your two options in more detail here.

What Happens After I Give You My Info?

We know that it can be weird giving a stranger on the internet your home address. Rest assured, we have worked with dozens of local families looking to sell their home.

After you send us your info our team will look at the details and call you and set up a time to look at your home and discuss your options.

From there we will give you 2 offers that you can choose from if you like them. There is NEVER pressure to sell. We are here to help in any way we can.

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